Member Materials

Remake Learning Network members and partners are encouraged to use the logos and language on this page to acknowledge their affiliation with Remake Learning.

Primary Network Logo:

Use the Primary Network Logo to represent the Remake Learning Network as a collective entity (e.g. You choose to ).


JPG | PNG | EPS                                                                  JPG | PNG | EPS

Secondary Network Logo:

Use the Secondary Network Logo when the logo is presented in a large group of other logos (e.g. You are hosting an event that includes several partner entities and you need to acknowledge all partners in the same promotional materials or event signage).


      JPG | PNG | EPS                                                                          JPG | PNG | EPS


Affiliation Logo:

Use the Affiliation Logo to signify your organization’s membership in the Remake Learning network on your website or other media. (e.g. You insert the Affiliation Logo in the sidebar of your website and link the image to to acknowledge your status as a network member).



Brand Guidlines & Font:

Use these brand guidelines and this font to match the styles used by the Remake Learning Network.

PDF | ZIP (with all logos) ZIP


Presentation Slides

Use these slides to present about Remake Learning.

  • Use the Network Services Presentation when speaking to educators and innovators in the greater Pittsburgh region who may be potential Remake Learning Network Members.
  • Use the Network Introduction Presentation when speaking to audiences outside of the Pittsburgh region who are learning about Remake Learning for the first time.

Statement of Affiliation

Please use the following statement to acknowledge your affiliation with the Remake Learning Network:

“[YOUR ORGANIZATION/PROGRAM] is helping to Remake Learning in the greater Pittsburgh region. Learn more at”

If you intend to release any information regarding your affiliation with the Remake Learning Network (through a press release, email blast, or notice or your website), please describe Remake Learning as follows:

“Remake Learning is a professional network supporting the people, organizations, and ideas shaping the future of teaching and learning. Together, Remake Learning Network members are working together to inspire a generation of lifelong learners in Pittsburgh, West Viginia, and beyond. Learn more at”

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