Early Learning Meetup
Early Learning Meetup

Join the next meeting of the Remake Learning Early Learning Meetup on Friday, March 11th from 9:00am to 10:30am with transformED West at Montour (it’s NEW)!

In Case You Missed It

The new transformED West space is part of the “Partnership Hallway” at Montour, joining other organizations like CMU & Duolingo. We heard from Montour’s Superintendent, Dr. Mike Ghilani, that Human Centered Design is in the core the District’s values to “Ignite, Collaborate, Discover, Share, and Connect.”

Rosanne Javorsky, Assistant Executive Director for Teaching and Learning at the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, outlined the vision for the new space. She announced that transformED is “not the color on the walls… but is a digital playground for teachers & for transformation.” transformED will offer more than 100 professional development options, and will not only Remake student learning, but will Remake teaching.

We also heard from Gregg Behr, Executive Director at the Grable Foundation. He reminded us that March 20th was Fred Rogers’ birthday, a perfect time to “celebrate remarkable innovation and to disrupt learning.” You can extend this celebration in May during Remake Learning Days!

Remake Learning Days

Finally, we were honored to have Mr. Rivera reflect the care and time that went into the space. He went on to remark that while impressive, that is not the most impressive aspect of what is happening at Montour and in our region. “The most impressive thing is the community leadership, the children participating in these experiences, and the teachers moving us forward.” He went on to express that during his visit he could already see “all the important points being hit to help our most vulnerable citizens (our children).”

Those key points to success?

  • Happy Kids
  • Engaged Adults
  • A Community of Learners & Servers

He sent congratulations to the culture Montour has built, and that it seemed evident that everyone present believes in this culture of learning, and that we are headed in the same direction. In short: community, community, community.

He parted with a bit of advice, “Your budget is a reflection of the values of the stakeholders. Share your stories of investment.” That’s what the Network is all about! We’d love to hear from you.

…And then there were selfies and a photo bomb. A perfect closing to wonderful remarks, don’t you think?

Finally, we broke out the post-its and worked together to create the Regional Early Learning Social Network.

Want to try it again sometime? Here’s how:

  • Pass out a big post-it & a sharpie for everyone
  • Let folks draw themselves (bonus points if you use the word “avatar”)
    • Share your art skills! …or obvious lack thereof
  • Have everyone write next to their drawing the following:
    • Their name
    • Their organization
    • #INTEREST (What are you? An advocate? A Leader?)
  • Next, on a draw-able surface, let everyone post up their profile
  • Once everyone is up on the wall, get connected!
    • Read through everyone up on the wall and start to draw lines between obvious connections to like-minded work, interests, or efforts.
  • You’ll find in our case, we are a pretty connected bunch!

Don’t Miss Out

Is it networking? Is it continuation of practice? Is it extended learning? Is it just a nice way to spend two hours? We hope it’s all of those things! Don’t miss these opportunities to practice and discuss our craft– LEARNING

  • Stay tuned! Lunch & Learn with Sisters eSTEAM: Cultivating esteem through STEAM Learning. End of May

Because we had such an engrossing conversation, there are fewer updates from this meet up. If you were inspired and remembered something you just can’t wait to share, you are very welcome to let me know, and post it to the Remake Learning Calendar.

And Now for the Updates!

  • What’s Up at The Sprout Fund?
    • Change Machine: Under 18? Apply for a $500 Change Machine Project!
    • Badge-Enabled Playlists & Pathways: Apply to support cross-disciplinary, badge-enabled learning pathways during the academic year 2016-17. Deadline is April 8th!
    • Remake Learning Grants: Small-scale funding awards to catalyze innovative learning projects that inspire educators and students to explore new ways of teaching and learning. Grants are available up to $10,000. Decisions are made twice annually to support summer/fall and winter/spring activities in Pittsburgh, Southwestern Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Deadlines are April 1 and October 7!
    • Learn PGH: Stay tuned this spring for more information about digital badging in Pittsburgh this summer. Join the mailing list to ease your mind at remakelearning.org . Plan to join us for a two-step training process to help organizations design their own digital badges on the new LRNG web platform.
  • Remake Learning Days: A week-long celebration of innovations in learning in the Pittsburgh Region! Submit your Events and Commitments in 2016 on the website, or email me for more information. Share the love with #RemakeDays

Did I miss an event? Did I fail you in the updates?? Please email me and I will tweet and email to make it up to you. Any other events or opportunities are more than welcome to post on our public calendar at remakelearning.org/calendar


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