STEAM Meetup with Citizen Science Lab / photo: Dustin Stiver
STEAM Meetup with Citizen Science Lab / photo: Dustin Stiver

The April 2016 Remake Learning STEAM Learning Meetup on with Citizen Science Lab!

In Case You Missed It

Dr. Samuel started Citizen Science Lab (CSL) because when he was a young person, there were no community rec centers focused on science, and thus a Duquesne Outreach Program was born! With the help of Urban Innovation 21, the Citizen Science Lab emerged to provide hands-on programs to help create the engagement young people need to get into science.

What’s up with that lab?

  • The space boasts a 1,500 square foot lab that is a contemporary research lab for youth and adults to learn about the scientific process
  • CSL leads participants to higher interests in STEM and STEAM

photo: Tricia Monticello Kievlan
During the Meetup, we…

  • Underwent hands-on experiments set up in the lab
  • Learned all sorts of tips to integrate this work into our program/classroom

There was even:

  • 3D Printing station
  • Owl Pellets and Molecular Biology
  • Phosphoresce
  • Dry Ice and Rocket science
  • A Baby Ball Python & Tarantulas: Say it with me now, Ecodiversity!
  • And don’t forget, PIPETTES!

What did I leave pondering?

  • What’s the most challenging aspect of running Citizen Science?
  • How does Citizen Science manage its relationships? (They have so many!)
  • What about you? We’d love to hear from you.

How can I get involved!?

  • For this summer there is a drug-design intensive (a continuation of Andre’s thesis)
  • They’ll be looking for microbials (mmmm, microbial-y!)
  • This program is part of Learn and Earn for Hill District youth only (for this year)

You can also check out STEAM-a-bration to Celebrate all things STEAM :

  • A what!? Sort of like a Maker Faire, but free to anyone to attend
  • It’ll be in the EIC parking lot
  • …and will include a zipline, rock climbing wall, and more!
  • They hope to make this an annual event
  • So check it out on August 20
  • Care to exhibit? It’s free and still space available
  • email Dr. Samuel for more info

Don’t Miss Out
Is it networking? Is it continuation of practice? Is it extended learning? Is it just a nice way to spend two hours? We hope it’s all of those things! Don’t miss these opportunities to practice and discuss our craft– LEARNING

Because we had such an engrossing conversation, there are fewer updates from this meet up. If you were inspired and remembered something you just can’t wait to share, you are very welcome to let me know, and post it to the Remake Learning Calendar.

And Now for the Updates!

  • What’s Up at The Sprout Fund?
    • Change Machine: Under 18? Apply for a $500 Change Machine Project!
    • Remake Learning Grants: Small-scale funding awards to catalyze innovative learning projects that inspire educators and students to explore new ways of teaching and learning. Grants are available up to $10,000. Decisions are made twice annually to support summer/fall and winter/spring activities in Pittsburgh, Southwestern Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Deadline is October 7!
  • May 9-15 (you know what this is….)
    REMAKE LEARNING DAYS O-M-G Are you excited? Are you ready!? I know I am. Check out the full calendar of events and more at the #RemakeDays website. (A week-long celebration of innovation in learning in the Pittsburgh Region! Share the love with #RemakeDays)
  • rally Rally RALLY
    Join us at PNC Park on May 13 for our annual Remake Learning Network Rally. Check out new projects, new faces, and the organizations that keep our region at the forefront of education innovation. Popcorn, activities, and even… mascots!? You know it.

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