Remake Learning Maker Learning Meetup with the Green and Healthy Schools Academy

Many thanks to our host, the Green and Healthy Schools Academy!

In Case You Missed It

  • Jenna Cramer and Teresa DeFlitch introduced the event by passing around a carpet tile and asking each attendee to try to guess what it was made of. Later in the event, they showed this video, which shows the answer!
  • Teresa talked about the Maker Movement from her perspective as a person who works at GBA but also as a historian. She showed images from past World’s Fairs and talked about how the narrative for what the future should be or will be is often driven by those who are in power and authority. She suggested that it’s important to question the idea of what the future can and should be. Nothing is written! It’s still our role and our responsibility to make choices about what the Maker Movement can look like.
1964 New York World’s Fair, Free Use

(1964 New York World’s Fair, Free Use)

  • Some critical insights the Maker Movement:
    • It’s great to have 3D printers, but you’ve also got to think about their environmental impact, like whether they’re in a space that’s well ventilated. And you’re making plastic objects, after all — what happens when you’re done making these things? What happens to the objects?
    • It’s important to think about the life of a product not as a chain with a beginning and end (e.g. you source a resource, you use it to make an object, you discard it) but as a circle where you constantly try to use resources that are sustainable and consider how the materials you use to make and manufacture goods are sourced and how they impact their environment.

What Else?

  • Living Product Challenge and the Living Product Label, a labeling system that urges manufacturers and corporations to label their products with radical transparency, giving information about every aspect of the conditions under which a product was created. This includes the living conditions and wages of the workers involved in producing the items in addition to information about the materials in the product and how they were sourced. See more here:
  • We then looked at the label (see the handouts attached) and talked about what obstacles there are for widespread use and adoption of these practices. One big theme was one of the power dynamics inevitably involved in this:
    • Some producers may have little incentive to be transparent about their sourcing practices and working conditions.
    • Plus, we as consumers have little power or authority to find out this information on our own to make good consumer decisions, and we may not be able to influence producers to change their ways and share more information.

Pulling Talent from Inside the Room:

  • Creative Reuse and others in the room had a conversation about how all of this relates to the Maker Movement as potential stewards of sustainable manufacturing practices.

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