Digital Learning Meetup
Digital Learning Meetup

Keeping up with the latest and greatest in technology and education innovation can be a full time job, and an expensive one at that!

Shout-outs and big love to all of the following:

  • Our wonderful hosts at the Fox Chapel Area School District, who hosted us in an extraordinary space ($1100 for that room? still blows my mind), fed us lovely food, and helped foster a terrific conversation.
  • Extra-special thanks to the inimitable Megan Cicconi for her vision and leadership on this event, and for her exciting foray into PowerPoint Karaoke.
  • Thanks to our presenters: Sunanna Chand, Lisa Abel-Palmieri, Rachelle Poth, and Stephanie DeLuca. Thank you for sharing your insights, your experiences, and your wisdom with all of us!

You should also watch the highlights from Ruha Benjamin’s excellent keynote from ISTE that Stephanie and Dustin both mentioned. It’s worth your time:

As many people mentioned, there are lots of great events and opportunities coming up in the weeks ahead across the Remake Learning Network. Make sure to sign up here to get these updates if you’re not already on the list. Visit to check out all the great events and activities happening all across the network. You can also check out other Meetups here:

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