photo: Tuff Sound Apprenticeship Program
photo: Tuff Sound Apprenticeship Program

Join the next meeting of the Remake Learning Digital Learning Meetup on Wednesday, November 6 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm with Tuff Sound Recording!

Tuff Sound Apprenticeship Program (TSAP) is a nonprofit educational program teaching Pittsburgh’s young adults the art of audio engineering and production. Through a four month intensive program, participants will not only learn about the technical side of engineering, but they will also have the opportunity to create their own portfolio of work by collaborating with local musicians, media makers and performers. The meet-up will be led by co-directors Herman Pearl and Amos Levy and program coordinator Kitoko Chargois.

Remake Learning Meetups are free, open gatherings designed to forge and develop relationships between the educators, innovators, and change agents that make up the Remake Learning Network. At Meetups, you can discuss your craft, address issues, share opportunities, and connect to resources.

The Digital Learning Meetup group brings together network members that are involved in using digital media for educational purposes in formal and informal settings. At this Meetup, TSAP will lead a discsussion on the design and methodology for their program, and present it as a way that other programs can think about identifying opportunity gaps and considering how they can build programming or partnerships to create pathways for students to build technical expertise. They will also talk about the ways that programs can implement music technology to enrich their program, introduce students new tools, and build a basis for learning.

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