• Lisa Palmieri

    Lisa Abel-Palmieri

    Educational innovator passionate about shaping the future of learning
  • Deborah Acklin is President and CEO of WQED Multimedia

    Deborah Acklin

    Public television proponent, children’s media champion, life changer
  • Brie Adams

    Brie Adams

    Student services, grants, and outside funding
  • Jhenny Adams

    Jhenny Adams

    Studio apprentice, fiber artist, teaching artist, maker of extraordinary things
  • Justin Aglio / photo: XQ America

    Justin Aglio

    School administrator, district innovator
  • Tom Akiva

    Tom Akiva

    Researching out-of-school time, understanding adolescent motivation
  • Emmai Alaquiva

    Emmai Alaquiva

    Educating through hip hop, producing music, inspiring creativity
  • Vincent Aleven / photo: Ben Filio

    Vincent Aleven

    Computer scientist, learning entrepreneur, designing cognitive tutors
  • Jon Amelio

    Jon Amelio

    Facilitator of technology for learning across Allegheny County
  • Mary Claire Arena

    Mary Claire Arena

    Literacy, early childhood education, and outreach for ISA Learning
  • Mary Kay Babyak

    Mary Kay Babyak

    Executive Director for The Consortium for Public Education
  • susiepic

    Susie Backscheider

    Mentoring for refugee youth in Pittsburgh's South Hills
  • John Balash

    John Balash

    Exploring the boundaries of where education, entertainment, and technology meet.
  • Siena-printmaking-in-Tuscany

    Siena Baldi

    Artist, teacher, inventor of Insta-tangram and leader of MITCH Collective
  • Nina Marie Barbuto

    Nina Marie Barbuto

    DIY maker maven, Assemble director, doing it for the kids
  • Jennifer Baron

    Jennifer Baron

    Writer, musician, promoting the arts in Pittsburgh
  • Ryan Baxter

    Ryan Baxter

    Helping teachers and school leaders achieve deeper learning outcomes
  • Bob Bechtold / photo: John Altdorfer

    Bob Bechtold

    Outreach and corporate partnerships at Sarah Heinz House
  • Gregg Behr | Photo by Ben Filio

    Gregg Behr

    Champion for Kidsburgh, leading grantmaker, Grable Foundation director
  • Lisa Belczyk

    Lisa Belczyk

    Implementing inquiry-based learning and culturally relevant music tech
  • Larry Berger / photo courtesy SLB Radio Productions

    Larry Berger

    Youth media mentor, voice of Saturday Light Brigade
  • Lisa Birmingham

    Lisa Birmingham

    Advocate for active learning and improved digital resources
  • Kathleen Blackburn

    Kathleen Blackburn

    Coaching University students to mentor preschool children
  • Lucas Blair

    Lucas Blair

    Game designer, educator, creating interactive learning experiences
  • Sprout-photo-2D

    Jeff Boller

    Teaching beyond three dimensions
  • Becky Borello

    Becky Borello

    Instructional technologist, adjunct professor, Moodler
  • Leanne Bowler

    Leanne Bowler

    Information science, media literacy, expanding the role of the library
  • Jeremy Boyle is the Resident Artist at the CREATE Lab / photo: Ben Filio

    Jeremy Boyle

    Musician, artist, empowering kids one screwdriver at a time
  • Lisa Brahms is a Research Fellow at The Children’s Museum / photo: Ben Filio

    Lisa Brahms

    Ed researcher, informal learning expert, creating authentic experiences
  • Silvia Braidic

    Silvia Braidic

    University professor, online coordinator, mentor, curator of digital resources
  • Bambi Brewer

    Bambi Brewer

    Curriculum designer, roboticist, maker
  • Ian Brown

    Ian Brown

    Environmental educator, community developer, land reuse advocate
  • Justin Brown / Image courtesy of The Education Partnership

    Justin Brown

    Supporting teachers and students, musician, advocate
  • Diana Bucco

    Diana Bucco

    Philanthropist, nonprofit community builder, Remake Learning Council member
  • Jason Burik

    Jason Burik

    Artist, educator, Lego builder
  • Melissa Butler in her Kindergarten Classroom at Pittsburgh Allegheny / photo: Ben Filio

    Melissa Butler

    Teacher, writer, inspiring young innovators
  • Connie Capiotis

    Connie Capiotis

    Teaching people how to safely and effectively manage their digital lives
  • Louis Cappa

    Louis Cappa

    Filmmaker and advocate for media literacy
  • Ryan Carlson

    Ryan Carlson

    Research Programmer, Carnegie Learning
  • Ellen Cavanaugh

    Ellen Cavanaugh

    Duquesne professor, research fellow, business owner
  • Tracy Certo

    Tracy Certo

    Pop City editor and publisher, showing how Pittsburgh is moving forward
  • Sunanna Chand / photo: Ben Filio

    Sunanna Chand

    Learning Innovation Strategist with the Remake Learning Council
  • Kim Chestney

    Kim Chestney

    Connecting tech & creativity, scaling innovation, supporting the industry
  • John Choi

    John Choi

    Founder of Choitek, inspiring students with STEAM for the 21st century
  • Michael Christel

    Michael Christel

    Transformational games for learning and health
  • Megan Cicconi

    Megan Cicconi

    Innovation instructor, ed-tech advocate, champion of youth leadership
  • Cara Ciminillo

    Cara Ciminillo

    Supporting meaningful relationships, creativity, discovery, and play
  • Caroline Combemale / photo: Ben Filio

    Caroline Combemale

    Cyber student, teen teacher, lead guitarist
  • Tim Cook

    Tim Cook

    Redefining higher education, combining theory with real-world practice
  • Ryan Coon / photo: Ben Filio

    Ryan Coon

    Coordinating documentation, promoting people and projects, telling stories
  • Mary Frances Cooper / photo courtesy Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

    Mary Frances Cooper

    More than thirty years of experience as a national library leader
  • Michael Corb

    Architect, Author, Learning Environment Disruptor
  • Dr. Amelia Davis Courts

    Amelia Davis Courts

    Impacting statewide initiatives that grow change in education
  • Brandi Cox / Photo: Ben Filio

    Brandi Cox

    Teen specialist librarian, sharing and caring with Hilltop kids
  • Kevin Crowley / Image courtesy of Activation Lab

    Kevin Crowley

    Igniting learning experiences in informal environments
  • Dave Culyba / photo: Ben Filio

    Dave Culyba

    Roboticist, computer scientist, ETC instructor
  • Sabrina Haskell / photo: Ben Filio

    Sabrina Haskell Culyba

    Designing character, creating robots with personality
  • Drew Davidson speaks at Making Sparks in May 2011 / photo: Joey Kennedy

    Drew Davidson

    Game designer, interactivity guru, director of Carnegie Mellon ETC
  • Felicia Davis

    Felicia Davis

    White water rafter, outdoor adventurer, parent, committed volunteer
  • Randall S. Dearth

    Randall S. Dearth

    Dedicated to STEAM learning and scientific advancement
  • Teresa DeFlitch

    Urban experience, community-based learning, context and content
  • Aimee DeFoe

    Aimee DeFoe

    Dedicated to creativity in the elementary school classroom
  • Jackie Dempsey

    Jackie Dempsey

    Award-winning composer of songs gloriously eccentric and hypnotic
  • Jim Denova is the Vice President of the Benedum Foundation / photo: Alexander Denmarsh

    Jim Denova

    Regional grantmaker, Pittsburgh & West Virginia, Benedum Foundation VP
  • Kelsey Derringer

    Kelsey Derringer

    STEM Specialist, Program manager for STEM Impact and TechGYRLS
  • Miriam Devlin

    Miriam Devlin

    Builder, designer, educator
  • mollystorytime

    Molly Dickerson

    Artist, maker, inventor, technologist, educator
  • Gregg Dietz / photo courtesy Women & Girls Foundation

    Gregg Dietz

    Youth advocate, teen counselor, peace builder
  • Patrick Dowd

    Patrick Dowd

    Working and advocating for the city, the people, and the children
  • James Doyle

    James Doyle

    Out-of-school time champion, PPS innovator, community leader
  • David Edwards / photo: Ben Filio

    David Edwards

    Energy artist, eco-sculptor, sustainability educator
  • Jennifer Ehehalt

    Jennifer Ehehalt

    Digital literacy advocate, educating children about online citizenship
  • Arielle Evans / photo: Ben Filio

    Arielle Evans

    Chaos conqueror, design nerd, media maker
  • Mitra Fathollahpour / photo: Ben Filio

    Mitra Fathollahpour

    Education technology designer and researcher, early STEM learning
  • Rick Fernandes / photo: Ben Filio

    Rick Fernandes

    Emmy winning producer turned children's media leader
  • Rich Fitzgerald / Photo courtesy: John Heller, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Rich Fitzgerald

    Making a difference in county government
  • Megan Fogt

    Megan Fogt

    Providing a welcoming, vibrant place for kids & teens to play, learn, and belong
  • Alison Francis

    Early childhood innovator and family engagement advocate
  • Gene Freeman

    Gene Freeman

    Gene Freeman is superintendent of the Fox Chapel Area School District.
  • Helen Garrison Bradlow

    Helen Garrison Bradlow

    Incorporating STEAM into everyday learning in the Pre-K classroom
  • Susan Gebhard

    Susan Gebhard

    Gifted Resource Support, Evans City Elementary / Evans City Middle School
  • Jan Gebicki

    Jan Gebicki

    Former teacher, leading education at the United Way
  • Brad Gentile

    Brad Gentile

    Art teacher, cross-curricular collaborator, Project Zero participant
  • Patrice Gerard at the Hilltop YMCA / Photo: Norton Gusky

    Patrice Gerard

    Youth worker, mentor, helping kids be kids
  • Josiah Gilliam / photo: Ben Filio

    Josiah Gilliam

    Community connector, equity advocate, supporting youth in distressed communities
  • Sue Goetz / photo: Ben Filio

    Sue Goetz

    Millvale hometown hero, occasional hockey goalie
  • Justin Goff

    Justin Goff

    A native Pittsburgher, former teacher, and lifelong evangelist for ed reform
  • Michael I. Green

    Michael I. Green

    Technologist, entrepeneurial coach, innovation adviser
  • Sharon Guidi

    Sharon Guidi

    Helping youngsters cultivate a life-long love of learning
  • Norton Gusky / Image courtesy of Norton Gusky

    Norton Gusky

    Technology for empowerment, education, and communities
  • MK Haley

    Mk Haley

    Merging technology and design, education and industry, research
  • Scott Hand

    Scott Hand

    Promoting & sharing tech innovation to support student learning & growth
  • Matt Hannigan / photo: Joey Kennedy

    Matt Hannigan

    Spreadsheet samurai, decisionmaking geek, Sprout co-founder
  • Heather Harr

    Heather Harr

    Media literacy champion helping empower teens
  • bio2011bsm

    Maria C. R. Harrington

    Founder and CEO of Virtual Field Trips, artist, scientist, and entrepreneur
  • Kate Harris

    Kate Harris

    Rooting learning in experiences, sense of place, and opportunity for growth
  • Matthew Harris

    Matthew Harris

    Promoting achievement and growth for Fox Chapel students
  • Marijke Hecht

    Marijke Hecht

    Perpetually curious city girl, nature geek, learner, teacher, dreamer
  • Rachel Hermann

    Rachel Hermann

    Passionate about education and promoting creative thinking in youth
  • Linda Hippert / Image courtesy of AIU

    Linda Hippert

    AIU admin, coordinator of 42 districts, Remake Learning leader
  • Thu-Nga Ho

    Thu-Nga Ho

    Independent school leader and curriculum director
  • Todd Hoffman

    Todd Hoffman

    Taking green technology to the kids
  • Andy Hosmer / photo: Ben Filio

    Andy Hosmer

    Special effects expert, mechanical designer
  • Susan Howard / photo: John Altdorfer

    Susan Howard

    Media literacy, film-making, self expression for young people
  • Mac Howison / photo: John Colombo

    Mac Howison

    Catalytic support expert, project mentor, Sprout funding manager
  • Kris Hupp

    Kris Hupp

    Expanding a multimedia broadcasting program for students
  • Lora Hutelmyer

    Lora Hutelmyer

    Environmental educator, nature enthusiast, youth program manager
  • Kim Hyatt

    Kim Hyatt

    Founder and President of Team RobotiX
  • Bill Isler

    Bill Isler

    Producing quality children's television for generations to come
  • anupama jain

    anupama jain

    Founder of Inclusant, specializing in diversity & inclusion education.
  • Rosanne Javorsky / Image courtesy of AIU

    Rosanne Javorsky

    Former special education teacher, Ph.D. student, educational strategist
  • Harry Johnson, II

    Harry Johnson, II

    Fundraiser, social entrepreneur, BME Pittsburgh Manager
  • Emily Kalnicky

    Emily Kalnicky

    Developing cutting-edge programming and research at Phipps
  • Jessica Kaminsky / photo: John Altdorfer

    Jessica Kaminsky

    Co-manager of Hear Me, giving a voice to the city's youth
  • Tessa Karel

    Tessa Karel

    Teaching artist, certified special education teacher, producer
  • Justine Kasznica / photo: Joey Kennedy

    Justine Kasznica

    Corporate lawyer, innovation guru, coral reef conservator
  • Jessica Kendall

    Jessica Kendall

    Musician and arts educator, encouraging art making in all of its forms
  • Amy Kerr

    Amy Kerr

    Teacher, Traveler, Technology Integrator
  • Todd Keruskin / photo: John Altdorfer

    Todd Keruskin

    Assistant superintendent, improving teaching and learning
  • Michelle King

    Learner, teacher and instigator, looking deep for what's coming next
  • Miriam Klein

    Miriam Klein

    Librarian, teacher, lover of books
  • Michael Knight / photo: Ben Filio

    Michael Knight

    Creating robots with personality, software engineer, CTO at Interbots
  • Ken Koedinger / photo: Matt Hannigan

    Kenneth Koedinger

    Developing cognitive tutors, educational technologies
  • Lyn Krynski / photo: John Altdorfer

    Lyn Krynski

    Volunteer extraordinaire, former Pace School director, Kidsburgh editor
  • Carl Kurlander / photo: Ben Filio

    Carl Kurlander

    Screenwriter, Pittsburgh champion, Steeltown Entertainment founder
  • Janina Kvedaras

    Janina Kvedaras

    Librarian and educator, making a difference in Gibsonia
  • Lindsey Lamm

    Lindsey Lamm

    Teacher and learner
  • Jesse-Headshot

    Jesse Landis-Eigsti

    Mentor, musician, and Pittsburgh transplant
  • Carrie Lane

    Overseeing youth initiatives and supporting children’s librarians
  • Linda Lane / Photo courtesy: New Pittsburgh Courier

    Linda Lane

    Public education leader, urban schools champion
  • Tom Lauwers / photo: Ben Filio

    Tom Lauwers

    Roboticist designing tools for interactive education
  • LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill

    LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill

    Community innovator, connecting access for all
  • Amos Levy / photo: John Altdorfer

    Amos Levy

    Artist, musician, educator, using hip-hop as outreach
  • Cathy Lewis Long / photo: Rob Long

    Cathy Lewis Long

    Learning innovator, nonprofit entrepreneur, Sprout co-founder
  • Junlei Li / photo: Alessandra Hartkopf

    Junlei Li

    Spark decision-maker, connecting research to educational practice
  • Jordan Lippman / Photo: Kristi Jan Hoover

    Jordan Lippman

    Executive Director at ISA Learning, Inc.
  • Ken Lockette / photo courtesy Avonworth High School

    Ken Lockette

    Global conversation starter, media arts promoter, K-12 leader
  • Po-Shen Loh

    Po-Shen Loh

    Math enthusiast, national Math Olympiad coach, Expii founder
  • Tess Lojacono

    Tess Lojacono

    Bringing the benefits of art, music, and social robotics to folks with special needs
  • Dr. Temple Lovelace

    Temple Lovelace

    Educator & advocate for race/class/ability equity in schools
  • Amiena Mahsoob

    Amiena Mahsoob

    Innovator, team leader, global educator
  • Heather Mallak / photo: Matt Hannigan

    Heather Mallak

    Connecting people, creating solutions, making pixels tangible
  • Rick Malmstrom

    Rick Malmstrom

    History and government teacher, fostering inquiry-based strategies for learning
  • Gayle C. Manchin

    President of the State Board of Education, former first lady of West Virginia
  • Mary Manges

    Mary Manges

    Chair of the “Out of the Box” committee at Fort Ligonier
  • Don Marinelli

    Don Marinelli

    Chief Creative, ETC co-founder, manic maker, intercontinental super star
  • Donald Martin / photo: John Altdorfer

    Donald Martin

    Assistant Executive Director at Intermediate Unit 1
  • Ani Martinez

    Ani Martinez

    Artist-educator, Assembler, Community Manager
  • Jacie Maslyk

    Jacie Maslyk

    Administrator, teacher, learner, public education leader
  • Peter Mathis

    Peter Mathis

    Learner, system thinker, improvement enthusiast
  • Chris McAneny

    Chris McAneny

    Child Advocate, educator, activist to end gender-based violence/gender inequality
  • John McCarthy

    John McCarthy

    Dedicated to creative problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Dave McCommons

    David McCommons

    Assistant Superintendent of Fox Chapel Area School District
  • Sally McCrady

    Sally McCrady

    Executive Vice President & Director, Community Affairs, PNC Bank, Chair & President, The PNC Foundation
  • Kevin McGuire

    Kevin McGuire

    Leading assessment and quality control at ISA Learning
  • Ed McKaveney

    Ed McKaveney

    Using technology to transform education
  • Mickey McManus

    Mickey McManus

    Design dynamo, chief mad scientist, facilitation maestro
  • Patrick McShea / photo: John Altdorfer

    Patrick McShea

    Natural history, collaborative education, managing loan program
  • Jennifer Meccariello Layman

    Jennifer Meccariello Layman

    Writer, fundraiser, activist
  • Laura Micco

    Laura Micco

    Instructional Coach and Environmental Coordinator
  • David Minniefield

    David Minniefield

    Giving guidance, inspiration and encouragement, coupled with a whole lot of fun
  • Aspen Mock

    Aspen Mock

    English teacher, playwright, doctoral student
  • IMG_7625

    Dale Moll

    Passionate teacher, technology advisor, creator of Blackhawk C3 Lab
  • Ali Momeni

    Ali Momeni

    Associate Professor in the School of Art and Carnegie Mellon University
  • Thearith Seng

    Patricia Monticello Kievlan

    Edtech maven, writer, community engagement enthusiast
  • Brendan Mullan

    Brendan Mullan

    Astrophysicist, science educator, social entrepreneur, and explorer
  • Mary Murrin

    Communications executive, K-12 digital education, web content, and manufacturing
  • Eben Myers speaks at Making Sparks in May 2011 / photo: Joey Kennedy

    Eben Myers

    Game designer, ETC alumnus, Spark Advisory Committee member
  • Heidi Nagle

    Heidi Nagle

    Managing the stage and reaching out to the community
  • Enrico Nardini

    Enrico Nardini

    Lover of all things game and geek, elementary school scientist
  • Dr. Marilyn J. Narey

    Marilyn Narey

    Passion for ideas, educational quality & critical creativity
  • Nikki Navta / photo courtesy Zulama

    Nikki Navta

    Digital learning evangelist, transforming textbooks, president of Zulama
  • Maggie Lynn Negrete

    Maggie Lynn Negrete

    Multidisciplinary artist, designer, and educator
  • Taiji Nelson

    Taiji Nelson

    Getting kids outside to explore, learn and connect with nature in city parks
  • Ashley Nestor

    Ashley Nestor

    Working to ensure exemplary education for young learners
  • Njaimeh Njie

    Njaimeh Njie

    Filmmaker, videographer, photographer, writer, and curator
  • Lizzy Nolin

    Lizzy Nolin

    Using design to empower communities
  • Illah Nourbakhsh

    Illah Nourbakhsh

    Community-oriented roboticist, CREATE Lab director
  • Adam Nye

    Adam Nye

    Director of City As Our Campus at Winchester Thurston School
  • Bryan O'Black

    Dr. Bryan O’Black

    Overseeing academic programs, facilitating professional development
  • Steve O’Hearn

    Steve O’Hearn

    Creator of art and design, big and small, for all the world's stage
  • Erin Oldynski

    Erin Oldynski

    Educator, Techshop Manager, Outreach Specialist
  • Grant Oliphant

    Grant Oliphant

    President of The Heinz Endowments
  • Joe Oliphant

    Joe Oliphant

    Teacher and administrator, agent for change in public ed
  • wpid-WDOrkoskey.jpg

    Don Orkoskey

    Professional photographer, information architect, one half of The Schmutz Co
  • Aileen Owens

    Aileen Owens

    Blending computation and creativity, bringing tech to the classroom
  • Jessica Pachuta / photo: John Altdorfer

    Jessica Pachuta

    Applause enthusiast, Leader of the Hear Me project
  • John Pane

    John Pane

    Researcher of education technology at RAND
  • Lauren Panton

    Lauren Panton

    Intregating technology into higher education curriculum
  • Jo Ellen Parker / image: Julia Rendleman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Jo Ellen Parker

    Collaborator, administrator, impassioned leader
  • Donna Peduto

    Donna Peduto

    Policymaker, innovation advocate, champion for public education
  • Elizabeth Perry speaking at Making Sparks 2011 / photo: Joey Kennedy

    Elizabeth Perry

    Tech-savvy artist, extending learning, bridging classroom and community
  • Erica Peterson

    Erica Peterson

    Promoting parent involvement in early childhood S.T.E.M. education
  • Michael Pisano / photo: Ben Filio

    Michael Pisano

    Animator, illustrator and filmmaker, working to make positive change
  • Anthoney Preston

    Anthoney Preston

    Providing children with the tools they need to succeed in academic settings
  • Dr. Cynthia Pulkowski

    Cynthia Pulkowski

    Improving education through inquiry-based STEM learning
  • Mary Ann Rafoth

    Mary Ann Rafoth

    Dean at Robert Morris University, building students' independent learning skills
  • Tom Ralston

    Tom Ralston

    Innovative administrator, Avonworth superintendent
  • Erica Renfro

    Erica Renfro

    Focusing energies on eliminating racism and empowering women
  • Theresa Richards

    Theresa Richards

    Teacher, roboticist, mentor
  • Martha Riecks / photo: John Altdorfer

    Martha Riecks

    Writing grants, improving STEM education
  • Michael Robb / photo courtesy Fred Rogers Center

    Michael Robb

    Education researcher, early learning specialist, Common Sense Media
  • Bart Rocco / photo: John Altdorfer

    Bart Rocco

    Superintendent, providing educational activities for students
  • Bille Pearce Rondinelli

    Bille Pearce Rondinelli

    Lifelong education champion and administrator
  • Laura Roop

    Laura Roop

    Supporting teacher learning for the sake of youth
  • Gabriela Rose

    Gabriela Rose

    Innovative PreK-12 STEM education leader and science coordinator
  • Lauren Rose

    Lauren Rose

    Implementing technology and innovation at Montour
  • Paul Rosenblatt

    Paul Rosenblatt

    Purpose-driven designer, architect, artist, Springboard Design founder
  • Lyndsey Rozzi

    Lyndsey Rozzi

    Supporting the Pittsburgh community, helping students achieve postsecondary success
  • Audrey Russo

    Audrey Russo

    President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council
  • Tyler Samstag / photo: Ben Filio

    Tyler Samstag

    Reimagining learning for the 21st century, creating inclusive environments
  • Dr. Andre Samuel

    Andre Samuel

    Researcher, Mentor, Lifelong Scientist
  • emily-sanders

    Emily Sanders

    Researching educational technology implementation in higher education
  • Rachel Saul Rearick

    Rachel Saul Rearick

    Creative thinker, arts and education management professional, printmaker
  • Jesse Schell

    Jesse Schell

    Game designer, mad scientist, ETC instructor
  • Lindsey Scherloum

    Lindsey Scherloum

    Out of school educator using creativity & engagement with local environment
  • Bill Schlageter

    Bill Schlageter

    Helping the Children's Museum reach kids and families across the region
  • Jen Schnakenberg

    Jen Schnakenberg

    Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy's Frick Environmental Center
  • Roberta Schomburg

    Roberta Schomburg

    Lifelong teacher, advisor for great learning television
  • Dr. Lynne Schrum / Photo source: West Virginia University

    Dr. Lynne Schrum

    Educator, leader, researcher
  • Christian Schunn / Image courtesy of Activation Lab

    Christian Schunn

    Activating science education, researching learning
  • Lisa Seel / photo: Lindsay Dill

    Lisa Seel

    Library volunteer, community coordinator, informal educator
  • Anne Sekula

    Anne Sekula

    Nonprofit consultant, early childhood advocate, Remake Learning Council director
  • Hedda Sharapan speaks at Making Sparks in October 2010 / photo: Ben Filio

    Hedda Sharapan

    Early childhood veteran, speaker and writer, good neighbor
  • Nikole Sheaffer

    Nikole Brugnoli Sheaffer

    Question-asker, solution-finder, and driver of change
  • Jackie Shimshoni

    Jackie Shimshoni

    Creating meaningful social change and development through administration and advocacy
  • Robin Shoop

    Robin Shoop

    Computer scientist, robotics ringleader, CS2N creator
  • Yael Silk

    Yael Silk

    Businesswoman, strategist, artist
  • Tiffini Simoneaux

    Tiffini Simoneaux

    Early Childhood Advocate committed to serving children and families
  • wpid-Eric-Singer.jpg

    Eric Singer

    Robot wrangler, music maker, pyrotechnic practitioner
  • Sarah Siplak

    Sarah Siplak

    Director of Programs for SLB Radio
  • Nico Slate

    Nico Slate

    Champion of social change through learning
  • Brett Slezak

    Brett Slezak

    Health & PE teacher, integrating technology and STEAM learning
  • Dennis Smiddle

    Dennis Smiddle

    Experienced health and safety inspector for child care, education, and recreation
  • Matthew Spangler

    Matthew Spangler

    Music and technology mentor, keeping Pittsburgh free
  • Carolyn Speranza

    Carolyn Speranza

    Media installation, public art, engaging community, putting the "p" in projects
  • Stephanie St. Aubin

    Stephanie St. Aubin

    Artist educator & Outreach maestro at Mattress Factory
  • Mary Ann Steiner

    Mary Ann Steiner

    Designing and researching informal learning and community collaboration
  • Dustin Stiver / photo: Joey Kennedy

    Dustin Stiver

    Community engagement ace, network leadership expert, nonprofit doctor
  • Newsletter - Bill Strickland

    William Strickland

    CEO, social architect, community leader, visionary
  • Greg Strimel

    Greg Strimel

    Outreach, oversight, and administration for West Virginia education innovation
  • Louise Sturgess

    Louise Sturgess

    Leading engaging educational programs based on the built environment
  • Jason Swanson

    Jason Swanson

    Researching the future of learning
  • Sarah Tambucci

    Sarah Tambucci

    Advocate for the arts, thought leader, putting the A in STEAM
  • Dorie Taylor

    Dorie Taylor

    Remake Learning Days producer, events planner, master coordinator
  • Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas

    Superintendent at Cornell School District
  • Dave Tinker / Photo by Jason Cohn

    Dave Tinker

    Certified AFP Master Trainer, ACHIEVA Vice President of Advancement
  • 12R9225

    Shaun Tomaszewski

    Science geek, cross-curricular expert, STEAM advocate
  • Amalia Tonsor

    Amalia Kalisz Tonsor

    Artist, educator and mentor
  • Linda Topoleski

    Linda M. Topoleski

    Working to align the education and training pipeline to meet demand
  • Jessica Trybus

    Jessica Trybus

    Edutainer, executive, gameifyer
  • Lee Ann Wainwright

    Lee Ann Wainwright

    Community affairs manager, STEM education leader
  • Shawn Walk

    Shawn Walk

    High-tech learning innovator and teacher
  • Nick Weaver

    Nick Weaver

    Integrating instructional technology at Montour
  • Judy Wellington

    Judith Wellington

    Non-profit expert serving underserved students in West Virginia
  • Jane Werner is the Executive Director of The Children’s Museum / photo: Ben Filio

    Jane Werner

    Cultural ambassador, optimist, Children's Museum director
  • David Wettergreen

    David Wettergreen

    Autonomous explorer, research professor at the Robotics Institute
  • Brian White

    Brian White

    Community leader, 40 under 40-er, superintendent at Chartiers Valley
  • Heather White / photo: Joshua Franzos

    Heather White

    Printmaker, atist-educator, Power Up program lead
  • Stephen Whitehead

    Dr. Stephen Whitehead

    EdTech research and teacher training
  • Stanley Whiteman

    Stanley Whiteman

    Assistant principal, supporting equity and STEAM learning
  • Spencer Whitman

    Spencer Whitman

    Focused on helping parents to manage and understand their family's mobile devices
  • Dr. Alice Wilder / photo: Joey Kennedy

    Dr. Alice Wilder

    Children’s TV expert, Grable fellow, Blues Clues & Super Why! co-creator
  • Aparna Wilder

    Aparna Wilder

    Program director and community builder
  • remake-learning-blog-phot

    Shimira Williams

    STEM geek, helping to create young technologists
  • 2014-12-16 12.55.44

    Brandon Wilson

    Policy student, education researcher, advocate for equity
  • Corey Wittig

    Corey Wittig

    Digital learning developer, teen mentor, future-proofing the library
  • Brian Wolovich / photo: Lindsay Dill

    Brian Wolovich

    Library co-founder, middle school teacher, community organizer
  • Dr. Todd Wolynn of Kids Plus Pediatrics / photo: Matt Hannigan

    Dr. Todd Wolynn

    Pediatrician, breastfeeding expert, building 21st century practice
  • Carol Wooten

    Carol Wooten

    Administrator, learning researcher, Propel Schools co-founder
  • Dror Yaron is the Community Outreach Coordinator at the CREATE Lab / photo: Ben Filio

    Dror Yaron

    Community connector, Gigapan photographer, face of the CREATE Lab
  • Michael Yudelson

    Michael Yudelson

    Research Scientist, Carnegie Learning
  • Anthony Zabiegalski

    Anthony Zabiegalski

    Producer of game-based training at Simcoach Games
  • Jolene Zywica

    Jolene Zywica

    Researcher bridging the gap between design and practice