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2014-12-16 12.55.44

Brandon Wilson is a graduate student in public policy at the Heinz College and an intern at The Sprout Fund.

Brandon joined The Sprout Fund as an intern in the fall of 2015. He is pursuing his Master’s in Public Policy at The Heinz College, and he has spent time focusing on education, housing, and urban policy. He is currently a tutor for elementary school students struggling in math and reading.

Brandon previously worked as an elementary school teacher at a charter school in Cleveland, Ohio where he witnessed many of the outside factors that make it difficult for students to succeed in school. He chose to study Public Policy to improve the education system for both students and teachers, whether within it or outside it.

At The Sprout Fund, Brandon worked on research projects to describe common learning buzzwords and frameworks. He as also researched facilitation strategies for groups, and other Nonprofit networks with shared goals.

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