Arts & Bots
Arts & Bots

Arts and Bots is a robot building program for students in elementary through high school.

Arts & Bots gives teachers of all subjects the opportunity to inject interactivity and creativity into their lessons. Terry Richards, who teaches Anatomy, Chemistry and Concepts of Physics at the Ellis School, applied Arts & Bots to an anatomy lesson she had taught for several years. Richards instructed students to create a robotic model of the right arm bones, constructing muscles from pantyhose or red craft foam and tendons from rubber bands. Students learned how muscles functioned, as well as how to program the muscles to move with the Hummingbird circuit board, sensors, servos, and LED lights.

Richards said, “The opportunity to learn how to use the Robot Diaries kit allows me to not only update a lesson for my students but to include new technical concepts they may not have been exposed to previously.”

On the Arts & Bots website, teachers can find numerous examples of the ways in which their peers have used Hummingbird kits to enliven lessons. Browse videos of students projects, syllabi, assignments, and more.

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