3D Printing in the Blackhawk C3 Lab / Photo source: Center for Creativity
3D Printing in the Blackhawk C3 Lab / Photo source: Center for Creativity

The Blackhawk 3C Lab provides students with technology to design, create and print projects in 3D.

The Blackhawk C3 Lab is a maker space at Blackhawk High School where students can engage in creation, collaboration and competition using new technologies to design and produce tangible objects. Through both individual and group work, the lab engages students in cross-curricular learning in each of the STEAM disciplines and helps them develop the necessary skills to succeed in technologically driven environments. Outfitted with iPad minis, Apple TVs and other computer stations, the lab allows students to design any number of projects in both 2D and 3D, and then produce physical products using Makerbot 3D printers. The approach utilizes project-based learning, requiring students to develop innovative problem-solving skills.

The C3 Lab assists in meeting Blackhawk’s goal of preparing students for today’s changing global environment.  In 2013, the Blackhawk School District  added a requirement that students must take an elective course in STEM to graduate.  The C3 Lab assists in going beyond STEM skills and reinforces the need for students to consider aesthetics when designing and creating.  The integrated approach of a C3 Lab addresses students’ needs to be prepared for our modern world.

Recent projects include:

  • A Water Bottle Light Bright constructed of plywood, water bottles, and 3D-printed lightbulbs
  • A Filament Recycler which extrudes filament for 3D printers

Blackhawk C3 Lab has partnered to work with Blackhawk Elementary School – Northwestern to design and create a STEAMground for the students at Northwestern Elementary School.  The space will be indoor playground that will teach the the children about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math through play.  Currently the space is undecided where it will be located, but space is available.  Students at the high school are working to develop a design based on their ideas of what an ideal space to learn about STEAM.  Next the high school students are going to break into teams to look at the possible locations for the STEAM Ground and also interview elementary students to see what types of activities that they like and what they would like to see in an indoor playground.  After the interviews each team will present what they have learned and make recommendations to the class about what they feel is appropriate next course of action for the STEAM Ground.

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