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City Music Center is a community music school based at Duquesne University that offers engaging and diverse musical studies to students of all ages.

Established in 1989, the City Music Center of Duquesne University (CMC) is a community music school where children, young people and adults from throughout Western Pennsylvania study music in a supportive, engaging, and collaborative environment. CMC offers multiple paths of study, from traditional music studies to Suzuki studies to jazz studies. Students can also participate in the music technology program, which focuses on creative inquiry and active learning by through the use of culturally relevant technology.

CMC is proud to have an experienced and supportive faculty comprised of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra members, Duquesne University faculty, public school music educators, and local freelance musicians, all of whom are dedicated to providing a comprehensive music education for students. Although CMC students represent the spectrum of musical skill levels, from beginner to semi-professional, most students attend CMC simply because they enjoy making music.

Sharing Duquesne University’s mission of community service and excellence in education, City Music Center continues the tradition of American community music schools that were founded on the premise that music education is a necessary and vital part of life and should be available to all. Therefore, CMC accepts all students who wish to study music regardless of their economic circumstance or ability.

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