Screenshot of AppShed application development software
Screenshot of AppShed application development software

AppShed is a web-based application development tool that’s easy to use for anyone to make dynamic smartphone apps across multiple operating systems.

AppShed Academy is a web-based tool that allows virtually anyone—from students to business owners—to create dynamic apps. It provides the “building blocks” to construct apps that easily translate to a variety of mobile platforms (Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows 7). Apps that are created in AppShed perform like apps but are actually mobile websites, where users can choose a graphic and “pin” the link to the mobile device’s home screen.

Users can create, manage, and edit content with the simple drag-and-drop framework. It’s easy to upload images and files, set colors and themes, and edit content and text. Once an app is ready to be published, the creator can continue to use the version that is housed through AppShed or through a pro account the app can be published through iTunes, Android, or Blackberry.

Keywords / Definitions

  • App: Software application specifically designed to run on a mobile device

  • iTunes: Apple’s media player and “app” library/store

  • Apple iOS: Apple’s operating system for mobile devices

We are privileged to play a part in a revolution that is happening in digital education. Students are realising that they can become the creators of technology, not just consumers.
—Torsten Stauch, AppShed CEO

Any person with working knowledge of computers and the internet can create functional and credible apps with AppShed. Users will have to create content and upload images, so experience typing and working with digital images is helpful. Designed to be used in a classroom setting, teachers can digitize coursework and have students create their own app projects.

The AppShed Academy is an online resource for teachers to plan lessons and develop curricula. The free tutorials are easy to follow and cover topics ranging from uploading images to publishing, with special sections just for educators, businesses, and individuals. AppShed can be accessed from any computer, since it’s a web-based tool. Users can login to the AppShed website and create, manage, or edit their app. For teachers, a school-based computer lab or a computer lab at a local public library are ideal spaces to conduct workshops and curriculum-based classes. However, learning to create mobile apps is not limited to formal learning environments. Students can easily create apps from home and learn at their own pace. A basic account and app hosting is free, but options for upgrading/publishing are available.

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