Kodable teaches youth the basics of any programming language in a fun game. Completely self-guided and designed for ages 5 and up.

Kodable is an app that lets users learn lessons on sequence, conditions, and loops by dragging and dropping commands to program their fuzzy character. Learners can play with Kodable on their computer or download for iPad. The app includes interactive tutorials, and you can upgrade to Kodable Pro and Sync to access Learning Guides and vocabulary activities. Learning Guides explain each of the concepts taught in the first 45 levels of Kodable with straight-forward explanations of programming concepts in the game.

The free version includes the first lesson, Smeeborg, which introduces kids to the step-by-step instructions involved in programming, if/then statements, and loops. The other levels, as well as the written curriculum for each, can be bought all together with the Pro version or individually as in-app purchases. Up to five users can have accounts on one device. Because each lesson is formed as a level, the program gets harder as learners play with the app, but remain on one pathway.

Kodable has a support system built in with short videos that show kids how to use each new concept as it’s introduced. If a learner doesn’t like their first score upon level completion, they can simply replay and come to more efficient sollutions.

Parents need to know that Kodable introduces kids to the kind of logic and the concepts needed in computer programming.

—Common Sense Media 

What’s more, Kodable meets anchor standards as well as vocabulary, math and logic components. However, because it was designed with kids in mind, they can play with little instruction. The concept mastery tracking built in allows adults to check in and see where more insight might help.

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