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Remake Learning welcomes guest post submissions on topics related to learning innovation.

To propose a guest post, please submit a brief pitch to Your pitch should include a description of the main subject, an outline of how the post examines and adds to discourse on the subject, and the author’s qualifications.

Prior to preparing your abstract or drafting your guest post, please review the guidelines below.

The Basics

  • Posts should be 600-800 words in length.
  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Write in the first person.
  • Write an engaging headline title (4-6 words) and excerpt (12-15 words) for your post.
  • Include photos and in-line web links.

Author Requirements

  • Must be 13 years of age or older (If under 18, a parent/guardian release form will be provided)
  • Please provide the following author information at the time of your submission:
    • First and last name as well as any titles (Dr., Ph.D., etc.)
    • Employer and job title
    • Brief professional biography not to exceed 50 words
    • High-resolution headshot photo

Tell Your Story

  • Please write in the first-person (I, we).
  • If you’re writing about a project, program, or event you have participated in, try to focus on your experience and its impact on you and other participants, as opposed to just providing a general description.
  • This is an opportunity to share your perspective in your own voice. Make the post personal and distinct, not a dry report.

Think About Your Audience

  • Write to inform, engage, and entertain. What do you want your readers to learn? What do you want them to do? How do you want them to feel?
  • Not everyone will be familiar with the ideas, people, programs, organizations, or activities you’re writing about, so provide context to help readers comprehend new ideas.
  • This is a blog post, not an advertisement. This is an opportunity to tell a story, not just encourage people to go to an event, participate in a program, visit a website, or take an action.

Example Guest Posts

Refer to the following examples of different approaches guest authors have taken in crafting their post:

  • Vision Statement: Pittsburgh’s Big Bet, by Gregg Behr, articulates a vision for how philanthropy can make a difference in education.
  • Personal Reflections: What I have Learned from an Artist, by Melissa Butler, explores her professional growth as a teacher informed by her collaboration with teaching artists.
  • Critical Essay: Please Pay Attention, by Leanne Bowler, presents recommendations for mindful online behaviors by youth informed by her reading on the subject as well as her own research.
  • Recap Report: Fresh Dirt from the Sandbox, by Dave Faulkner, summarizes his experience and key learnings from the Sandbox Summit at MIT.
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